January 11, 2016

write love — L.O.V.E.

I love anything and everything which is Purple.. Hehe.. Just kidding! 

Talking about "LOVE" has never been easy for me.. Once upon a time when I was in high school I thought it's something only for those who are about get married.. Hehe..(I know that sounds little creepy)! 

Let me tell you a story.. 

A girl that is been loved too much by her family and was eldest among all her brothers and sisters once fell in love with this weird guy who was exactly opposite to what she was. 

This guy was a lunatic. He was everything which this poor girl never wanted. At every step she just knew he was lying but still she chose to be with him(may be that's what we call DESTINY). 

She drifted away with him, leaving behind her family and closest friends. Her sister told her she was making a mistake, her brother stopped talking to her. Nothing stopped her and as always her parents agreed to what she decided for herself. 

Days turned into months and months into years, both of them decided to tie a knot. That's where the real story begun. 

Deep down the girl never trusted her guy, but since she was determined so they both got married. Gradually the guy started doing everything to keep his girl happy. He surprised her, made her laugh, took her to the vacations, loved her in all possible ways. The life which was once topsy turvy, has turned into the most beautiful fairytale. 

Today the girl who was once her daddy's princess have become the QUEEN. And the KING whose magical touch brought the soul back in her body is that the same Lunatic Guy!!!

Happies Endings.. 
P.S. I Love My King


In her own words: "Purple.. Family.. Best Friends.. Tea.. Cards.. Letters.. Gifts.. Books.. Love.. Loyalty.. Writing.. I guess this says all about me!!!" Follow Gopul at I write for Peace.

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