January 4, 2016

write love — Don’t Forget About Love - Love is…

During the season of giving it is easy to get lost in the shuffle and forget the true meaning of this time of the year. But for me, a huge part of the holidays isn’t gifts, it’s extra doses of love. But what is love? Love is... 
… a big hug just when you need it most 
… a warm chocolate chip cookie right out of the oven 
… inviting an extra guest or two when you don’t really have room at the table, and knowing that isn’t what matters most 
… a kiss on the forehead 
… a smile and wave at a stranger 
… taking time to help those in need 
… leaving scarves, hats, and gloves on park benches for those who need them on a cold day 
… a text just to say you are thinking of someone 
… a hot, steamy shower 
… a room full of laughter 
… not looking in the mirror 
… making someone else smile 
… a street illuminated by holiday lights 
… cards in the mail 
… photos of loved ones 
… a fire in the fireplace 
… a newborn baby 
… slippers 
… the holidays 

Obviously you may have different definitions of what is love for you. But just make sure to step back and try to surround yourself with as much love as possible this year. From me to you, I hope your holidays are filled to the brim with love.


Alexandra is a writer, graphic designer and photographer currently living in the suburbs of Chicago. Along with her husband, she is embarking on a journey of downsizing, moving into the heart of the city, and starting a family. Her blog, My Urban Family is a mix of her adventures, experiences, life advice, Chicago themed posts, and family friendly topics. You can also follow her on Facebook // Twitter // Pinterest // Instagram // Bloglovin!

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