October 7, 2015

Things I Learned — October Blogging Challenge Day 7

Things I Learned — October Blogging Challenge Day 7

I have written several "things I learned" posts before, but usually I focus on what I learned in last week or month. But when writing for this blogging challenge, I thought of looking back at life instead:

Working from home isn't for me. At my workplace, we get this option of working from, in case we have some errands to run or doctors to visit and want to save commute time, or if we aren't feeling well. Some mornings I am really tempted to just work from home, because I can sleep extra in the getting ready time. But that laziness lasts all day, and in the end it isn't really productive.

People are different. Everyone has their own moral code. What's wrong for you, maybe okay in someone else's book. It's better to accept these difference, than to expect people top behave according to your rules. There's not just black and white— there are different shades of gray in between. 

You get what you put in. If you really want to do something, and do everything you can in that direction, you will get there. If you go after your goal with all you have, you will get back the results you want.

Comparing never helps. The journey may look different from others for the same destination, but it is to be that way— it's your journey. Everyone has different starting points, different hurdles, different attitudes— none of which shows on the surface. Comparing only takes away your energy and peace.

Staying consistent is hard. I want to to a lot of things and I know it demands a consistent effort to achieve something, but I am an easily distracted person. I lose focus, I get bored, I get carried away, and it's a struggle to keep myself on track. I need off days and lazy moments to recharge and keep up with the hustle.

Peace is important. And nobody else gives it to you. If you picture it, somehow it seems like everyone is taking away our peace. We nee to consciously decide to keep all of the noise out and be at peace with ourselves.

Letting go. Whether we want to or not, as we grow up we have to let go— expectations, relationships, friendships, dreams. Sometimes we outgrow people, sometimes they outgrow us. Sometimes we have to do something for others, before we think of ourselves. Sometimes it's better for us to lose the expectations and just take things as they are.
"All of life is an act of letting go." — Life of Pi

What are things you have learned?

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