October 16, 2015

Things I am Thankful for — October Blogging Challenge Day 16

Gratitude is one of my favorite themes to write about, so of course I love that it's also a part of this blogging challenge. For the first thankful Friday post in this challenge I wrote about what I am thankful for in life. For this one, I will take a shorter time— let's stick to this week!

Fall Weather

The weather is getting so good now. I am loving the sunshine without the scorching heat. Although, I miss the fall colors in the northeast. I am hoping this weekend would be nice fall weather to enjoy with warm beverages, cozy sweaters, and love.


I found this easy-to-make recipe for brownies. It's just three ingredients and it is super delicious. I have made them thrice this week, so that tells you something, right? I didn't eat all of it alone though. I just enjoyed making them; I ate just twi little pieces.

Ipsy Glam Bag

This week I got my first Ipsy glam bag in mail, and I love everything about it— the bright pink packaging, the cute golden makeup bag, the makeup minis. I love minis, because you get to try so many different samples, and they are easy to travel with. This month's bag came with a cute little golden makeup bag, a lipstick, mascara, perfume, a face scrub, and a brow pencil!

Birthday Gifts

My first birthday gift came this week. Sure, I bought it for myself, but that still counts. I am loving the new phone. I also got two dresses and a beautiful pearl necklace. My siblings already announced that I should be checking mail, so that's exciting.  Yes, I love getting gifts!


I just love my friends— they are such a huge support and they just know how to make me smile. They celebrate the small victories, and understand how much little things mean to me. Whenever I am stressed or overwhelmed, they know I just need to vent and they let me. Also, so much extra love for how they have already started making big deal about the birthday.


Being the travel-bug I am, I am so excited for the travel plans starting tonight. Where am I going? Should I tell you right now, or keep it a surprise? May be you'll know if you follow me along on Instagram. Shameless plug, I know— sorry, not sorry! 

What are you thankful for?

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