October 30, 2015

Things I am thankful for — October Blogging Challenge Day 30

Things I am thankful for — October Blogging Challenge Day 30


It is my favorite breakfast ever— recently I have found some new recipes and now breakfast is one thing I look forward to each morning. It makes getting up a little easier!

Workout Clothes

I got new workout leggings and I just love them so much I wanna wear them all day. Also, I noticed I am more likely to go workout if I am already in the workout clothes. Sweatpants are the enemy!

Birthday Weekend

I had one of the best birthdays this year, and I am so so so thankful for everything about it.


After many years, this time I got so many gifts from both family and friends. Gifts are my love language, and I am blessed for all this love.

Dates Night

A little time out of the house, with a little wine and conversation can totally pick up my day. 

Happy feet

I think I am addicted to the mani-pedis now— love the pampering!


They are like your personal cheerleaders— so happy to have them to cheer me and pick me up!

What are you thankful for?

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