October 4, 2015

The story behind Here I Scribble — October Blogging Challenge Day 4

The story behind Here I Scribble — October Blogging Challenge Day 4

Writing has always been dear to me. It is my preferred way of communication— to other as well as myself. Whenever I am confused or overwhelmed, writing helps me. I love writing in my journal, and reading it at random times later. If I have to tell someone how much they mean to me, I'd prefer writing a letter. If I am to explain myself, I am able to put across my feelings and thoughts much better in writing. Even random scribbles in a notepad somehow help me relax. 

When I first started blogging, it was because of a stay-at-home situation. All thanks to the reckless people on road! I met with an accident and had an ankle fracture, because of which I had to stay in bed for few months— which made it really hard to keep any private journal. A friend of mine suggested keeping an online journal, and I stumbled upon Blogger trying to find an escape. That's how I was introduced to the blogging world. Although once I joined, it wasn't so much of a journal. I took my scribbling on last pages of notebooks and journals to the blog, and now Here I Scribble.

What's your story? 
How did you decide your blog name?

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