October 6, 2015

My biggest Pet peeves — October Blogging Challenge Day 6

My biggest Pet peeves — October Blogging Challenge Day 6

Today, as a part of my blogging challenge, I am sharing the things that irk me the most:

  1. People chewing with mouth open just ruin the meal for me. Not only they'll show the food in their mouth to everyone, they'll add on their personal sounds so you can't ignore them by looking in another direction. Bad table manners are just a big turn off!
  2. The sound of someone scratching their nail on wood or pencil. I don't know what's about it but it sends jitters up my spine. It's something I can't even tolerate for a second.
  3. People using speakerphones for their personal or work calls. Even if you don't want to hold your phone, they do come with headphones right? no one has any interest in your calls. They are just noise to me. Please be considerate of others' space.
  4. People who don't listen. Everyone wants to multitask these days, so much that they want to catch up on their emails, and Facebook, and texting while I am talking to them. The fact that I am making an effort despite your multitasking clearly means it's something that's important to me. So the least you can do is listen with attention.
  5. Bad personal hygiene is another thing that just turns me off. people who think it's okay to not wash their hands, or who won't clean their bathrooms just disgust me. That is the basic level of hygiene. Live in a messy house all you want, but maintain a livable level please.
  6. When someone replies with a "K". I mean why? How hard is it to write an Okay? What did you do in that nanosecond you saved? That is simply rude to me, so don't judge me if you don't hear from me after that.

What are your pet peeves, scribblers?

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