October 1, 2015

Hello October! {Update + Goals} — October Blogging Challenge Day 1


October is my favorite month, and that makes today a happy day. What's not to love really— the beautiful weather, the fall colors, delicious food, hot beverages, cozy clothes, three paydays, Pumpkin bread, Halloween, and also my birthday. So, as this beautiful month begins, here's a little update on this day:

Feeling: sleepy and tired.. Where's the weekend?

Loving: the progress I am making with my fitness goals— it's still slow but it's something.

Reading: nothing— too swamped these days; gotta change that— any suggestions?

Wanting: the new iPhone— 'coz Live photos!

Dreaming: that I am sleeping and dreaming.. it's like inception

Having: Banana blueberry oatmeal

Waiting: for the weekend so I can sleep.

Also, for this month, I have also joined the October Blogging Challenge, where I'll be writing something every day of the month! I am kinda scared because my schedule is busy and also there's a weekend away so I'm not sure how I'll manage that, but I want to do it so starting it today. 
Check it out here: October Blogging Challenge. And Day 1 is my October Goals:

1. Blogging: My goal for this month is to keep up with this challenge, and also take my Facebook page to 1000+ followers. Share some love here: Here I scribble
2. Work: I want to stop slacking in the mornings and getting to work late. I want to be more disciplined and perform better.
3. Fitness: I want to stick to my diet, and be consistent with my workouts with a minimal number of cheat days. Birthdays are exception, right?

How about you scribblers?
What are your goals?

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