October 23, 2015

Halloween Costumes Recap — October Blogging Challenge Day 23

Normally I plan everything way in advance, and to great detail. But somehow Halloween has always been excluded from the planning. Maybe it has something to do with the probability of plans getting last minute and me not wanting to waste money on an expensive costume that I may or may not wear. So, each time a few DIYs and random accessories at home or grocery store aisles have been there for me. Sometimes I have been a princess with just a tiara, or a devil with red horns, or an egg. The egg one has been my favorite so far— also it was a couples costume. There was a very last minute invite to a friend's house party and we just googled a few DIY options and this was the only one that seemed doable on such short notice. A short trip to Walmart, few colored charts, scissors, glue, ribbon, and TADA!

Not my picture! Found here. Sorry, I tend to forget to take good pictures, especially when I might want to post them later.

I just got a Halloween party invite today, and the same struggle starts now. Maybe I'll get a minion costume this time— check this one out! Or maybe another DIY? It's so hard to decide.

What's you favorite Halloween look?

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