October 13, 2015

Favorite Childhood Memories — October Blogging Challenge Day 13

Favorite Childhood Memories — October Blogging Challenge Day 13 Here I Scribble

For the blogging challenge, today I am to share my favorite childhood memories. I loved writing this post— it was like a journey down the memory lane, and that too to the best parts. There are so many memories, playing like short flashback in my head. And, I'll share the ones that made me smile the most!

When my mom said I was like my dad— It wasn't something too big. I fixed something (don't remember what it was, but probably something little and irrelevant), and my mom said I am fixing things like my dad. It made me feel so happy and proud!

When I just didn't want to leave my mom— One summer I was gonna go stay with my grandparents for a few days, but when they came to take me I went up in the attic and hid there. It took everyone so long to find me.

When my baby sister was born— She was this big chubby baby, and I remember I would come back from school, pick her up and just keep adoring her and playing with her fingers and toes. That's all I did whole afternoon until she started crying for mom.

When my dad made sure I got the perfect pose for photo— We were vacationing in mountains, and there was this beautiful waterfall and some rocks on side where I sat to get a photo. To make sure I don't get sick dipping my feet in the cold water, my dad carried this heavy rock to put under my feet. He even hurt his finger doing that. So much love!

When I played with my cousins— I have many cousins of my age (more or less), and during whole summer break we would all stay together and play. It was so much fun! Our parents were sick of us because of all the noise we made.

When my grandpa got me books and colors for first time— I used to love reading and drawing. Mostly that was what we did at school, but it was my grandpa who got me my first set of books that weren't textbooks and a big collection of art supplies. And I spent entire summer reading and painting.

When my baby brother was born— I remember when dad told us we have a brother now. He too was so cute and chubby, and also everyone said he looked like me. I was his all-time babysitter. I don't think I have ever loved anyone like I used to love him.

When I won a painting competition— I painted a library which was where I was sitting, and I got second prize for it and my picture was also published in the local newspaper. I was so proud then. I think my mom still has that newspaper clipping.

What's your favorite childhood memory?

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