October 27, 2015

Blogging Advice for New Bloggers — October Blogging Challenge Day 27

Blogging Advice for New Bloggers — October Blogging Challenge Day 27

It's been a while now since Here I Scribble has been around, so I think I can share a few things from my own experience that may help the new bloggers out there.


The more you read, the more your mind grows. Needless to say, you learn more and more with each reading, which adds to the research and knowledge of any topic. Also, it helps with coming up with the ideas for creating content and preventing the writer's block.

Forget looks

Don't spend too much time on picking or tweaking templates— just pick one that you like and start writing. Trying to make the blog look perfect won't help if you don't have anything on there. So, just pick a cute theme (or whatever you like), add the plugins you need and get started.


Reach out to other bloggers— read their blogs, leave comments, ask questions. That is the best way to increase visibility to your website and get meaningful follows. Join some blogging communities to begin with— you can find some on Facebook and Twitter, and make new friends in the virtual world!

Be consistent

This one is extremely important. You only get back what you put in. If you are not putting in your best efforts, and you are not consistent, you will be disappointed with the results. Following a schedule helps— I usually try to follow a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. It can get hard sometimes, but setting concrete goals is the way to get things done.

Follow your heart

Remember the reason why you started this. Go with your gut feeling and write whatever you feel like. This is your website, your space. You don't have to fit in! Also, don't get too carried away with things like monetizing, growing the following, etc. Just enjoy the journey; rest of it is gradual.

What do you think is most important?

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