October 29, 2015

Birthday: A day in my life — October Blogging Challenge Day 29

Birthday: A day in my life — October Blogging Challenge Day 29

My birthday is my favorite day of the year, so how can I not talk about it? For today's prompt in the October Blogging Challenge, I am sharing a day in my life— the best day, my birthday!

Birthday this year was easily in the top five so far— it had travel, wishes from friends and family, great gifts, amazing food, and love!

I started my birthday this year in Seattle with birthday drinks at The Needle & Thread. In the morning, we woke up late after a good night's sleep, so that made for a happy morning. We went around downtown for a little walk, and then had a delicious and healthy brunch at Hotel Five. After the brunch, we dressed up and spent the day at Pike Place Market, and the Waterfront. I really loved the vibe at the Pike Place market, with the local shops and so much food. Did you know the First Starbucks store is there in the Pike Place market? I tried the Pumpkin Spice Latte for the first time— honestly, it was just okay. For lunch, I had the second best pizza of my life. We ordered the Buffalo Mozzarella pizza at Serious Pie, and it was so great we ordered a second one right away— no regrets! At the waterfront, we took a Great Wheel ride— the view from up these was beautiful. Later that evening, we had a dinner at Skycity— it's a revolving restaurant on the top of the Space Needle. It was a great view to look at from 550 ft. above the ground, changing slowly while we ate delicious food. The dinner was full of some birthday surprises too, including birthday card, balloons, flowers, and an awesome dessert. I just loved the day, it was one of the best ones!

What's your favorite day?

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