October 8, 2015

A Day in my Life — October Blogging Challenge Day 8

A Day in my Life — October Blogging Challenge Day 8

Today I'll take you along for a day, to show you how a day in my life looks like usually.

My alarm rings at 7:30am and another one rings 5 minutes later, and I play snooze game for about half an hour before I give up and decide to get up. The first thing I do after getting up is drink some warm water with lemon in it, and I take some good 10 minutes in doing that. It may sound very long for a glass of water, but I am actually using that time to really wake up. I cannot function if jolted out of sleep. I need slow awakening, before I can get to anything.

In the next 30-45 minutes, I get ready to head out— the usual shower, clothes, hair and little bit of makeup. I eat my breakfast at home everyday, which is usually an oatmeal or a smoothie. I make my breakfast and hop onto a daily phone meeting, while eating my breakfast. It's a short 15 minute meeting, just for updates among co-workers. After the meeting and breakfast are done at 10am, I head out to work.

I drive to work, so this is my loud music thinking time. I enjoy driving, and I enjoy music— so even when I am stuck in bad traffic sometimes, it doesn't bother me much. In fact, there are days when I am excited about the traffic because that means more music time, more me time. 

Once I get to work, first order of things is usually posting on social media if there is a blog post. Otherwise, I just get on my usual work stuff.  I take a lunch around noon— some days I meet up with friends for lunch, and some days I eat at my desk if there's too much work to catch up on. Sometimes I go workout during the lunch hour— Zumba or Yoga.

I head out from work at around 4:30, because I try to beat the peak traffic hours after that. I head to the gym for workout; it's just easier to go directly because once I come home, I get too lazy to go for workout. After gym, I rest for a bit with some Netflix before I get to cooking for dinner and sometimes next day's lunch too. This does take up more time than I would like, but then if you want to eat healthy this is something you gotta do. 

After dinner time is my time to finish up on any work left from the day, and also catch up on my blogging, writing, planning or reading. I would like to end my day just here, but I have bad addiction to my phone, and I spend quite some time on phone before I can sleep. It does affect my sleep for sure, but also I get some blog-related things done during this time, like catching up on TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest. Are we friends yet?

At the end of the day I still feel I needed to do so much more and I couldn't. 24 hours is not enough.

What does your day look like, scribblers?

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