October 20, 2015

A day in my Life, few years ago — October Blogging Challenge Day 20

A day in my Life, few years ago — October Blogging Challenge Day 20

Since I already wrote about a day in my current life a few days ago, today I am reminiscing to another time. I am re-living a time when I stayed with my friends, around 7 years ago. I had moved to a new city for a semester course, and I met my best friends. We live across continents now, but still the same at heart. I am gonna share with you what life looked like back then.

The day started without any hustle, with a friend waking me up for the morning tea. We would sit together for tea and chats, and then have the breakfast together. Our accommodation provided all meals so we never had to cook anything, and it made it so much better to just eat, drink and chat with friends. After a lazy morning, we would all get dressed and head out for our (different) classes. Luckily, even the classes were just 2 hours a day, and we would all be back by time for lunch. Lunch usually was accompanied by some TV or movies. Our lazy afternoon was then filled by more talks, movies and photoshoots. Thanks to those days, I have several GB of pictures on my hard drive. We even made attempts at studying in the evening, but usually those went down the drain because we couldn't get enough of living with friends. We called ourselves a family. Evening walks to the local market were like a tradition, and so was talking and laughing till late hours.

Sometimes I really wish to go back and re-live those moments of zero-hustle, relaxed life with my best friends. I know I can't go back in time, and I am so glad to have lived that just once. Because, friends are for life!

What day do you look back to?

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