October 10, 2015

10 not-so-known things about me — October Blogging Challenge Day 10

10 not-so-known things about me — October Blogging Challenge Dy 10

Today I am sharing some things that not a lot of people know about me. There are some very close people who may come back and say "I knew all of them", but you my friend are one of the rare few— feel special! And my scribblers, I am bringing you all a little bit closer by sharing this with you:

I blog. Yes, you all know. But, in my personal life, not a lot of people know about this side of me. When I started blogging, it was with an intention of having a private place of my own away from people keeping tabs and knowing everything. And, it has just stayed that way!

I am not a shopping person.  I have given it multiple attempts since being a girl I am supposed to love it. But it always feels like work to me. I don't like spending all day in malls to find one thing. Moreover, I am not that person who likes to look around to see if they'll like something. I just know what I need, and I'd rather just order online from the comfort of my bed.

I hate pretzels. Whenever I (have to) go to the mall, there always is this pretzel stand right in my face. I just can't stand the smell. I just can't. If I can, I always avoid that side of the mall just so i don't have to bear that torture.

I am very private. Even though I am active on social media, and I have a blog where I write so much about my life— I still am a very private person. I don't like to overshare. I don't want everyone to know everything about me— that's just unnecessary. In my mind, I put people in categories based on my level of trust and comfort with them.

I never taste food after cooking. I don't know why; maybe I just get tired cooking or maybe something else, but I just never taste it. Someone else has to do it for me. Lucky for me, I don't mess it up too often!

I am allergic to sea food. Not all sea food, just shrimp and salmon. And I did not know this my whole life, until very recently when a friend made me eat salmon and I got this bad rash all over my body. I am actually glad because I was never a fan of sea food, and now no one can coax me.

I can't cry in front of anyone. It is just too uncomfortable for me. I am more of a hide-my-feelings person. I'd rather get up and leave, than break down in front of someone.

I have had my poetry published. Twice. This was years ago, and I had written some poems and I came across this group of other poets who would read each other's work and support. A selected few of those were published. Sadly, I never continued with it— I got busy studying and working, and it just fell behind. Now it's just something I look back at and smile.

I don't believe in religion. I am not an atheist, but I just don't believe in following a man-made set of rules. As I wrote in my previous post, every person has their own moral code, and their own definition of right and wrong. How can I follow someone else's moral compass blindly? I need to have my own, and go with it.

I am still with my First love. It's been over 8 years now that we are together, and by the 9th year we are gonna be married. Yes, this is my way of sneaking the announcement in!

What are your not-so-known things?

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