August 10, 2015

7 ways to make your day better


Hello scribblers,

Happy Monday.. Although if you are anything like me, Mondays aren't really happy- I am still on the weekend times and waking up early is never fun. But, that doesn't mean we can't make the best of it. 

Here are a few things that make my day better. Maybe they can make yours better too!

Call a friend: I know we are all busy and it's sometimes hard to catch up with the work hours, time differences etc. But, give it a shot. Even a short conversation will brighten your day.

Play with a puppy: If I were back home, I'd be doing that all day. But, sadly I cannot right now. If you have a dog, go snuggle with them. Or just play with your neighbor's dog for a while. It's an instant happy dose.

Doodle: If you have a long day, especially one with meetings, grab a small notebook and pen and start doodling. You can still listen to what's going on in the meeting while still improving your mood. In fact, some researches show doodling also helps you focus better.

Take a nap: When you get home, take a quick nap. You'll wake fresh and your evening will be so much better.

Plan a trip: This is one of my favorite things to do. For any future long weekends, I plan ahead. Those plans don't even happen most of the time, but it's the planning and looking at new places that takes my mind off other things.

Go out: There's something about nature- looking at clouds, sunset, hearing rain falling, that can take me to a whole different wold- a calm world. If not that, just catch up with a friend and ask them to coffee/drinks. Just the change of place can make a big difference.

Smile: Just forcing yourself to smile, makes you want to smile more. It's that powerful! No matter how bad the day is, just remember to smile. It makes you happier.

What do you do to make your day better?

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