July 14, 2015

Transient Tuesdays: The wind of change is blowing

Transient Tuesdays: The wind of change is blowing

Uh oh… the wind of change is blowing.

I’ve lived within the realms of security and consistency for most of my life. I never changed schools or moved towns as a kid, I knew most of my best friends since we were very young, my parents are still happily together, and no one close to me had passed away, become gravely ill, or changed their part in my life too dramatically (not those who have ever mattered anyway). But a lot changed within the last 3 years, after I graduated high school and moved away for university. 

I was always very introspective, and thought I knew all there was to know about people. I thought I was familiar with every type of personality there could be, from my petri dish of people in a Catholic Parish in my small suburban town, and from my family. Ridiculous right? This was my human experience until I was 18. Well, not without a myriad of health issues, typical and expected social struggles, and everything else a teenager may face – but that’s a story for another time. 

So as I left for university, to a new town where I had no friends and hadn’t seen where or with who I was going to live, and with my very own box of washing powder to do my own laundry. I did not expect the infinite possibility that could come next, and what followed is probably nothing new to hear about the university or “college experience”, as they say, and this isn’t about that. This is actually about what comes after. 

So here I am now in a state of reflection and assessment; around 40 days out from the end of my undergraduate studies, and readily anticipating drastic change again. However this time, I’m a little less naïve than I was when I left high school to come here, so I am rather terrified. This time, I don’t believe in the controlled petri dish community to guarantee people with roughly similar life experiences. This time, I know how many mistakes there are to be made by me, and by others that can directly affect me. This time, I don’t have a definite plan. 

I’ve always felt the need to have control over my own life choices, which I think is very much reflected in my tendency to always keep all doors open. Having that need for security that was fostered in me from a young age has transformed into something I can provide for myself in this way. I then allow time for myself to explore my options accordingly, and allow a more natural progression towards the option that best fits my interests. And that’s what I’m in the process of now, but it feels like it’s taking longer now that the options are lot more endless.

I can’t begin to explain how much I’ve learnt in the time I’ve been earning my degree, but so much of it had me feeling as though the more you learn about the world, its people, and its history, the less you know. And it’s been the same effect while learning about myself and how to direct my own life path. And to be completely honest, I am just overwhelmed with all of the positive and negative possibilities to come. 

I think I’ve learnt enough to move on from this chapter, and I’m excited to have conquered my education to this point. I think it’s important to keep stepping out of our comfort zones; if you’re like me, with the willingness to learn either in or out of the classroom, then nothing should stop you from venturing out and experiencing as much as you can. I suppose it’s more natural to be worried while anticipating change, with nothing in your control but to prepare for the unknown. Maybe it means I’m less naïve now.

Change is inevitable, nothing lasts forever, so we may as well enjoy the ride.

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  1. Great post! And congrats on finishing undergrad!!!!!


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