June 19, 2015

Happy things

“Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, 
it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.” 
― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

It's Friday and I am happy. So, I want to be thankful for all the great things in my life lately, and of course share them with you.

New phone: I got Samsung Note 4 and I am in love with S-pen. I love doodling, and now I can do it anywhere anytime I want to.

A touristy day: Over the memorial day weekend, I spent a day in San Francisco, doing the touristy things like visiting Lombard street, Fisherman's wharf and more. 
Check out my post to read more about that.

Lemon cakes: I recently tried the lemon cakes for the first time and I loved them! I now understand why they are Sansa Stark's favorite too. I got them from Nothing Bundt cakes, along with red velvet and white chocolate raspberry flavors which are delicious too.

Workouts: I have been regular on my workouts for whole of June so far. I have been doing the 30-day ab and squat challenge, and I haven't missed a day. I hope to continue it the same. 
*fingers crossed*

Friends: I got to spend a day with my childhood friend, after like a year and a half. The best part of it was the low probability of it happening here of all the possible places for us! And I am gonna see her again in few days and we will be taking a trip together.
This makes me very happy!

Oatmeal cookies: I recently tried the sugar-free Oatmeal cookies from the sprouts market, and I just can't have enough of them!
I should probably avoid going to that store for a while.

Weekend plans: There's shopping on cards- I need to buy new clothes for the next trip, and I need a new bag too. Also, I am going to a wine trolley tour in Napa Valley- so excited about it!

What are your happy things, scribblers?

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  1. I miss SF! Congrats on the regular workouts, its tough to build a habit!
    Cynthia @craftoflaughter.com

  2. Yes, it is so hard to stay regular. But I have heard you can build a habit in 21 days. I am on day 19. Let's see if that's true.. :D

  3. These are definitely things to be happy about! I hope you have fun shopping and on the wine trolley tour!

  4. My happy thing is getting ready for our family trip to Yellowstone. Relaxing and spending time together will be wonderful. Also on the list, books....I'm finally able to read books again after a hectic few months.

  5. That's awesome girl!! :)

    Where's your next trip to?

  6. Sounds wonderful! I hope all is well, I have been rather absent lately and really hope to make more time for blogging! Hugs xxx

  7. These are some things I love too! Hope you had a great time in Napa!

  8. Yes, I did.. It was a fun day and loved the experience!

  9. I have been too.. Life gets busy at times .. I hope you are back soon!

  10. Vegas :D can't wait for the long weekend!

  11. Oh, great! I also wanna do a trip to Yellowstone sometime.. It looks amazing in the pictures!

  12. Shopping didn't happen :( but I'll probably do that this weekend..
    Wine trolley tour was fun!


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