May 8, 2015

Friday Things

Hello scribblers,

How are you? How is life treating ya'll? What's going on lately?

For me, it is pretty usual- Get up in the morning, get ready for work, eat my breakfast, try to fight sleep at work, come back home and cook, watch Game of Thrones with dinner and then try to sleep early. I have been failing at that last part a lot.

I made some changes to the blog recently- I changed the header and also the default font for my blog. I also did a little tweaking in my template so now my posts titles are centered. I have to thank Dana, for her tutorials. They are really simple and easy to follow, and the small changes make a big difference. For creating the header, I used Canva. I love it- it's so easy to create images for my blog posts, icons or headers. For the fonts, I used free fonts from Google and imported them to my template. They have so many good fonts and it was so hard for me to choose. I initially had picked way too many, but thankfully they have a tool which shows the effect adding all those fonts has on the website load time and I ended up picking just three for now.

I have also started with some lifestyle changes- mostly diet changes. I am not following any of the famous diets, but I am trying to eat healthy in general and cut out junk as much as I can. One problem I face is lack of protein. I am not a vegetarian strictly, but most days I just am. I am looking for healthy protein alternatives for vegetarians so I don't have to rely so much on meat. I still need to work on my schedule to fit workout time.

I had my first roommate fight this week. No matter how hard you try, how good you try to be, these things are just inevitable, right?

I watched Avengers over the weekend- I love marvel movies!
I also finally watched that dreadful episode of Grey's Anatomy, and the even sadder one following that. I just hate it! I ended up crying for so long. Those who watch the show would understand.. I am not sure if I even wanna watch that show anymore.

Other than that, life just consists of routine, some boredom and online shopping. But, there's reading your blogs to brighten my day! I love to read your blogs, and sometimes I just miss catching up when things get busy. Sorry for that, and to make up I'll share some of cool things I found in our web world:
— This Westeros map, for the Game of Thrones peasants
— Love captured by a Korean artist
— This rational flowchart
— Lifestyle difference between New York and San Francisco
— A mug cake recipe
— Motivation to stop watching TV
— This man fighting his rapist
— What is Friend to you?
— Quadruple rainbow in New York
— Breakfast for dessert
— Super cute geeky kids
— Another reason to color
— Things your can do with embroidery

This weekend is mostly chores and hopefully sleeping in- unless something changes.
I hope you have a fun Friday and a great weekend!

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  1. thanks for all the great links - checking them out now! Also, I've been trying to sleep earlier as well, but it never seems to be in the cards haha

    stop by and chat | ♥

  2. I love the coloring and the no TV thing. TV is my thing and sometimes it would be nice to escape from it.

  3. I have tried to that before, but TV is too addictive. :( gotta make more efforts I guess.

  4. it's almost impossible, right? :D
    Thanks for stopping by.. Gonna check your site now!

  5. We saw Avengers last weekend too, we loved it! And I love your new header, aren't online tutorials the best?

  6. Yes, they are! Thank you :) I like it too :p

  7. Your blog looks good! I'm trying to be healthier at eating too, but no way am I depriving myself of goodies if I want them,. I've never watched Grey's it's one of those shows I wish I had started watching and now I feel like there is so many of them I'll never catch up!

  8. Thanks Claire! I started watching it years ago so at this point it's one episode per week kinda thing and doesn't feel much. but yeah, if you were to start it there's like 11 seasons! :o


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