April 10, 2015

The one with weird dreams


Yes, that's me! I am a big dreamer. There's hardly ever a time when I would have a dreamless sleep. And, I am also able to remember my dreams most of the times- at least bits and pieces. Like with everyone, a lot of those dreams don't make any sense. It's like I am traveling from a scene into another, people morph into different personalities, but sometimes dreams seem to be conveying a message. And today, I'll share some of the weirdest dreams with you and try to analyze them too

The one with the ex:
I am talking to an ex-friend on phone like we were sorting things out or something, and in my mind are all the bad memories of that time of betrayal- this goes on in my dream so it's like something in the mind inside my mind. I don't forget things and they randomly popup into my head from most unexpected triggers. And those thoughts could be the reason behind these dreams. Every time I get such dreams I get this feeling where I end up wondering if it's just another dream or is it supposed to be some kinda sign.

The one with the kingdom:
I am in a fairytale land with castles and all the pretty things, and I am with my roommate and her boyfriend who go on a date and I am roaming around the big halls of castles alone. Even though the place is beyond beautiful, I feel lonely there. I think this dream has lot to do with the fact that often on weekends my roommate is with her boyfriend and I spend most of the them alone in my room.

The one with the avengers:
I was saving the world with a superhero boyfriend. In the dream, I am a superhero too. It might not sound very exciting but I had this amazing feeling when I woke up. I think this one roots from my desire for adventure and travels, while having a companion to share them with.

The one with the stalker:
This one is probably a recurring dream where it feels like someone is chasing me, trying to hurt me, and I am crying screaming out loud.  If someone is sleeping next to me, they have to wake me up to get me out of that torture. It is probably the scariest dream for me, and I can never go back to sleep because I can't forget. I had a few such experiences growing up and I am sure even movies and news  feed this monster.

The one with the revenge:
This one is dark, but I can share right? Skip ahead if you don't want to read- you have been warned. Fine! I'll tell. It involves me and a person who has hurt me a lot in life, and somehow I die. No, I wasn't killed, I think I fell from height and died- not really clear on this part. But, after that happens, my spirit leaves my body and it's flying above my dead body and that person sitting by me, and my spirit thinks, "I hope this teaches you a lesson." I am not proud of this one.  I don't even know what to say about this one- Maybe I was just too hurt.

The one with the Fluffy:
Yes, fluffy the dog from Harry Potter. I was riding fluffy, and just enjoying the day. Best buds hanging out, not a big deal. Dream Fluffy was much cuter though. There's no science to this one- it's pure love.

What's the weirdest dream you have ever had?

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  1. The one with Fluffy! *_* I get dreams in which I'm riding a broomstick with Harry Potter!
    Did you know that your chances of seeing a dream increase when you study before you sleep? I guess your hard work pays off with really amazing dreams!

    Mithila @fabulus1710

  2. I have some strange dreams. I dream a lot and I used to remember most of them. Dreams are interesting. It takes guts to share them. Go girl!

  3. Thanks Tonya! Yes, they are interesting for sure.

  4. Harry and his brooomstick!! Hahaha.. sorry, couldn't help it. ;)
    And I did not know that, thanks for sharing :) it's an interesting fact.

  5. I have had weird dreams all week. Funny I should find your post. I had one that I was back in Afghanistan and I did not want to go back to sleep because even a dream is too close to going back. I also had a super hero one, but I can't really remember all the details on what was going on with that one. :)

  6. Thanks for sharing your dreams Amanda :)

  7. I usually don't remember my dreams or they're just plain f'd up. LOL Or I'm usually trying to escape some deranged killer and everything is in slow motion. So bizarre.

  8. haha.. I guess everyone has had the killer dreams :D Thanks for sharing!


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