April 1, 2015

Monthly Update: April '15


Feeling: sleepy, and a little lonely

Loving: my new job, and the sunshine land

Reading: blogs, and a million little pieces

Wanting: to meet my family

Dreaming: of a vacation

Having: green tea

Waiting: for long weekends- so I can fulfill my dream!

How about you, scribblers?

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  1. Thanks Chrissy :) Happy Wednesday!

  2. Wonderful news!! Glad to hear you love your new job. Certainly helps when you love your job.

    How far are you in Frey's book? I should read that again. I read it when it first came out. Oprah raved about him and then publicly shamed him for embellishing details of his book. No doubt he lived a crazy, messed up life back then but she was incredibly harsh on him.

  3. Thanks Lindsay!

    I have read like 20% so far... I did hear about embellishing details, but was unaware of the Oprah thing..

  4. i could use some vacation too right now.

  5. Hope you get to go on one soon :)

  6. Ah, congrats on the new job! Glad you like it! Green tea and a vacation sounds wonderful! Happy Wednesday xxx


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