April 8, 2015

Happy things


"Enjoy the little things, 
for one day you may look back 
and realize they were the big things." 
- Robert Brault

We often overlook them, but these little happy things have the power of changing out lives- they change our mood, our attitude, and our energies. With struggles of everyday life, we focus more on the negatives and the let downs, and it causes so much stress in life. I, myself, am not the most positive person always but time to time I like to look back and smile at the little happy things that make me feel blessed and peaceful at heart. And, today I thought of sharing with you some of the happy things from last few days!

Stay at home: It wasn't planned but I had to go for an eye exam in the morning and the doctor suggested I stay away from sunlight and computers for some time. So I worked from home, after a good one-hour nap.

Pay-day: I don't think I need to say much about it- my metaphorical pockets say it for me!

Spa: Me and my roommate spent Saturday pampering ourselves with a mani-pedi followed by a massage. It was a relaxing weekend!

Netflix: This I had been debating for a long time and I finally got Netflix. The reason it took me so long was that once I start a series, I get hooked on to it and then I am basically useless everywhere else.

New Girl: Thanks to Netflix and a friend's recommendation, I started watching New Girl and as predicted, I am hooked! I started last week and I am already at season 3. Yeah! 

Friends: I found out that my friend is going to be in Cali this summer for three weeks. I will be meeting her after over a year, and it is something I wouldn't expect because she lives on a different continent. I am so excited; I have already started planning in my head!

Trips: First trip of this year has been planned- Florida it is! I love long weekends.

What were your happy things this week?

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  1. Hey! I'm also not a naturally positive person. It takes work and reminders. Thankful lists are a good way to keep it positive. Like you are now, I'm a Netfix girl. A fairly new one. I love Lost Girl right now. I also get hooked on series. Who doesn't?

  2. haha, right? I finished the third season last night. Planning to take a break for few days, so I can do other things too! :D

  3. Thanks hun, reading this has cheered me up a bit or rather to buck up I guess. Not a good week at all - feel like I've been about to crack all week ...

  4. Nice pics!!!follow me on gfc and i follow you back!!now i follow you on bloglovin, and disqus ,i hope you follow me back!!!kiss

  5. I am sorry to hear that.. I hope it picks up in time for the weekend :)

  6. Thanks for the follow :) Heading over to check your blog now!

  7. thanks dear,i follow you on gfc,please follow me on bloglovin to!!kiss

  8. Loved this, made me feel super happy inside :) would you maybe check out my blog?

  9. Thanks :) I'll surely check yours out..

  10. Cool post:)

    i'm following you via gfc, hope you can follow me back


  11. Thanks De.. I'll check out your blog..

  12. That's a sweet post. If we all just took time to enjoy the little things in life...how lovely would that be? Thank you for the reminder

  13. That's what I try to do with these lists- give myself and others reminders of how great life is. Thank you for stopping by :)


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