March 13, 2015

A day of you

How does it sound, a day dedicated to you?
a day of self-care, a day of relaxation, a day of nothing.

My perfect day would look something like this:


Sleeping till late
There's nothing I love more than my morning sleep. 
But, thanks to whoever made this 9 to 5 work rule, that doesn't happen much. 
My perfect day would definitely mean waking up late.

Breakfast in bed
Being the lazy ass I am, I tend to just stay in bed even after I am awake. 
How wonderful it would be to have someone bring me food in bed. (Hint: Pancakes)

I can totally picture myself curled up in bed, reading Harry Potter. 
I am not strict about having a Harry Potter book, as long as I get to read a good book.

They are the best thing ever! 
I get so relaxed that I always fall asleep- second chance to sleep in the same day WOW!

Hugs and cuddles
I definitely would need my dose of love!

I don't think I can go by a whole day without pen and paper

Cup of Coffee
A nice hot latte, possibly one with art
Not much that I am asking for, am I?

I like to just sit by my window and watch the sun set.
There's something about the colors of the sky that calms me.
Sunsets by the beach are the best!

Alone time
Some time when I don't have to talk to anyone, just be by myself.
It makes me feel recharged.

Nothing to do
Nothing to do
What a happy thought!
~ Winnie the Pooh
(I have that quote on a mug)

What does a day of you look like to you?

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  1. This is pretty close to a perfect day for me! I would just add some knitting! Happy Friday, friend! xxx

  2. I'm with Chrissy. A day just as you've outlined sounds perfect to me too! :)

  3. I had tried knitting once. I told my mom I'd make her a scarf, but gave up before it could even look like a handkerchief. :D Maybe I'll try again sometime in future..
    Happy Friday to you too <3

  4. :) Just waiting for it to happen soon. It'd be so much appreciated after the busy routines!

  5. This would be amazing, especially since College has been hectic lately... I need a break! x

  6. This’ll help greatly on your journey: Q: Why should you love our exploded plethora of produce which’ll plant the seeds for YOU to grow to great heights?? PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK:

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    PS “It is impossible that anyone should NOT receive all that they have believed and hoped to obtain; it gives Me great pleasure when they hope great things from Me and I will always give them more than they expect” -Our Lord to Saint Gertrude

  7. Me too! Need this so badly.. But ain't gonna happen till summer :-/

  8. Oh that does sound like a wonderful day! I feel mine would be rather similar -- I would start it off with a trip to my favorite coffee shop for a white chocolate caramel mocha and a raspberry scone :D

  9. Yes! That sounds like a perfect day for me too!

  10. Hope you have one soon! Thanks for stopping by..


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