March 18, 2015

One TV show that should have existed

I am not a big TV person. Maybe that's because I don't get much time for that, and also because I get bored easily so it's really hard to stick to most TV shows. But there are two TV shows that I can watch any day any time and for however long. I can do marathons of these two. You should already know the ones if you have been following me here or on my Facebook page

The special ones are: 
FRIENDS: I feel like I grew up with FRIENDS, and whenever it's on TV it just makes me so happy! I love all of the characters so much, and I think we all can relate to those characters so much.
Parks and Recreation: This was a recent show, and honestly I started it coz I was bored but I ended up falling in love. The show teaches you so much while making you laugh so much. I was so inspired by Leslie Knope and so much in love with all the weirdos. I still am!

BUT, that's not I wanna talk about today. 


I want to talk about a serious problem with books and movies adapted from them.
Don't you ever feel like when they make movies from books so much is lost? I think I hear a yes.

So, for another of my favorites, I think it should have been a TV show and NOT a movie. Yes friends, I am talking about my super favorite- Harry Potter. Why was it made into a movie series, where so much was unexplained and left out? Why can't they take books and make them into TV shows? Wouldn't it be so much simpler? For each book, they can make a season of the TV show and each chapter would be an episode. Doesn't that sound much simpler? And more importantly, it will do justice to the real story. There needs to be a Harry potter show. Daniel, Emma, Rupert, and everyone else need to go back in time, and be cast in that TV show.



This will haunt me forever. Being realistic, I know it won't happen. But I really think that's how the books should be adapted- as TV shows, not movies.

Now, next on my list are the Mindy project and New girl. I have heard good reviews about them, so might give them a shot when I have some free time in few months.

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  1. That would have been awesome! I think they tried to bank on the fact that people have short collective memories. To have a show, and have people wait around for the seasons, might not work out in their favor. Though they'd get a lot of die-hard fans. I would definitely watch.

  2. GAH! Was literally just reading book 1 to my daughter for the first time before I read this post. I agree 100%

  3. Yeah, I can kinda see the business point of movies making more money and all too. But, I feel it doesn't do justice to the books and the whole story.
    But, it would beat friends off my list I think.

  4. Kathleen Barnes @ Carrie BradsThursday, March 19, 2015 7:02:00 AM

    I feel like I may be the only person out there who has never seen Harry Potter. Am I totally crazy? Do I finally need to jump on the bandwagon?

  5. Oh my goodness you have spoken to my heart: I do not like the Harry Potter movies. They simply don't capture what I visualize in the books. I think it would have helped a TON if they would have waited until all the books were out before they started making the movies. There is no hiding the simple fact that the movie creators did not have the "bigger picture". A well done TV series would have been much better! An episode for each chapter is brilliant.

  6. OMG YESS!!! Although books > movies. Always.

  7. yes to parks and rec (and friends)! and oh my, as much as i love the movies, harry potter as a tv series would have been about 100% better! it could've been so true to the books and that would've been amazing. if only, ha! xx


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