March 2, 2015

Make a habit, Break a habit!

Last month I participated in the 'Make a habit, break a habit' linkup hosted by My Passion Journey and The Pinnacle Project, and as the new month starts I want to make and break some new habits.

For this month,

  • Habit to make- a sleep routine- going to bed at a proper time, and also taking few minutes before bed to take care of my skin
  • Habit to keep- working out and eating healthy foods
  • Habit to break- the compulsion to check every app on my phone before bed (breaking this habit will also help in the habit I am trying to keep)

What habits do you wanna make or break?

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  1. Love this! I, too should really make it a habit going to bed at a decent time, I tend to stay up too long and regret it deeply the next morning when my alarm goes off. Keeping the habit of eating healthy and working out is also something I want to do and the checking your phone before bed, ugh I should stop that as well! I guess great minds think alike!

  2. Haha true that! Good luck to you too.. :)

  3. I can totally relate to the bedtime goal. I hope you make it this month! I'm linked up with you at My Passion Journey.

  4. Your goals are pretty much lifetime goals for me!!! I should probably do some law of attraction by actually writing out for next month.
    Good luck this month :D

  5. Thanks Britt.. Law of attraction might work- go for it! :)

  6. so glad I'm not the only one who basically falls asleep at night staring at her phone!


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