March 6, 2015

Best things in life


It's almost weekend scribblers, and I thought I would share a little list of the best things to me in life.

Naps- I love sleeping. Sleeping in late on weekends brings me joy. Even more, I love those days when I get up, eat my breakfast, and then go back for another nap. Secretly hoping for it to happen this weekend. I also wouldn't mind one any other time of day.

Desserts- Who doesn't like a bite of something sweet? After every meal, I just want something sweet- a mini dessert to finish the meal. Desserts are my comfort food. I love brownies, and cheesecakes. But since I can't eat those everyday, I have my healthier dessert option- dark chocolate with almonds.

Hugs- The feeling of relaxing in arms of someone you love makes you feel so calm and safe. Nothing can beat that feeling. Hug it out!

Music- Listening to some tunes can always make the day better. It also helps me focus better, it cuts out all other noise at work and I can just do my work while enjoying myself. If I am too anxious or in a bad mood, even then music helps me distract myself and eventually I do feel better.

What are your best things in life?

Have a great weekend. I hope you get to do the best things in your life.

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  1. I have to agree on all of those! Sleeping in! Yes! And a good hug never hurt! I couldn't live without music, so grateful for Spotify!
    Have a wonderful weekend, friend! xxx

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  3. Thanks for the follow and kind words Julie. I am gonna check out yours now ♥

  4. I know what you mean.. It really does feel like a luxury growing up...

  5. I am listening to Spotify right now.. makes me so much more efficient at work.

  6. I love all of these! I want to add doggies and flannel robes.

  7. I love fluffy robes too.. This reminds me I need to buy one
    And of course dogs! they are the best.. I just didn't want to call them things :)

  8. Thank you dear♥

  9. I agree with all of these, especially the naps and hugs, preferably both at the same time aha. xx

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  11. Thank you <3 .. I will check out yours!

  12. oh yes to all of these! with my work, sleeping can be a luxury sometimes, let alone nap time. now that i have some time off, i do love my nap time!


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