March 4, 2015

Beauty Faves: tarte

Last year I started my internship, and since I had to go to work everyday I decided to look more presentable and so I started watching some makeup tutorials on YouTube. 
That's how I was introduced to the world of Sephora, and over the last year I have tried on several brands. I am no expert, but I really love tarte's products. 

I was organizing my makeup drawer yesterday, and I thought why not share my favorites with you!

1. BB Cream: 
I love BB creams- they're not as thick as foundations, and I specially love this one. It's very light and it also is SPF 30 so I don't have to worry too much about going out in sun. It comes in 5 colors for different skin tones; for my skin tone, the medium-tan is just perfect!

2. Lip Tint
I am a big fan of tarte's matte lip tints. It is easy to use and carry. The lip tint is also moisturizing in itself, so you don't need to carry lip balm and a lip tint. There is a hint of peppermint infused, something you might want to keep in mind if there's any concerns. It comes in 6 colors. Over the time, I have bought most of their colors- warm rose is my favorite. 

3. Cheek stain:
I like how this is so easy to apply- especially for someone who is not so good with doing their own makeup or not familiar with proper brush techniques. You can just apply a little of this on your cheeks, and dab with your fingers and you are done. Also, it is easy to carry, you don't need to pack any extra brushes. It comes in 8 different colors; my personal favorite is pink coral.

4. Lipstick:
Like the lip stains, the lipsticks are also moisturizing and creamy. Also, the love the packing of lipsticks, it is so cute! It comes in 8 different colors, and different packaging. Usually I prefer lip stains, but I really like the angelic nude color in lipstick. It is a very natural color and has a very fresh feel to it. 

5. Eye shadow Palette:
I haven't used this one yet, but it is in my cart for my next purchase. I love the colors, especially the gold and ocean green.

What are your favorites?

DISCLAIMER: This is not a promotional post. I just share what I love!

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