March 9, 2015

7 ways to handle stress in life


The busier life gets, more stressful it becomes. Having a lot on my plate lately, I have felt it even more. And, trying to handle all of it I decided to make a little list of things that help me to handle stress so that I can try to remember them and include them in life. And, since sharing is caring, I want to share it with you too.

Take notes- Don't rely on memory. So many times I overestimate myself and think that I will remember everything later, and I have later regretted that. I have started putting things as reminders and taking notes in my planner for things I need to do.

Prioritize- Take one thing at a time. This is a very important one, and probably the biggest culprit for my stress. But, now I try to put things on calendar so I have a blueprint for the day. Once you know what is more important, and you get those done, you won't feel so stressed even if you can't get to the last things on the list..

Avoid negative people- I can't even count how many days have been wasted worrying about such people who just dragged me down, and all the efforts towards making things right end up draining all the energy. It is just better to leave those people and focus on yourself and things and people that matter.

Clear clutter- Being a lazy person, my room is often a mess. I didn't ever worry about it until recently when I realized how much better and relaxed it makes me feel after I have cleaned and organized my room. I feel way more productive.

Exercise- I know you already feel stressed and maybe you think there's no time, but just go out for 15 minutes. Go for a short walk or run, or do some yoga at home. Trust me- you'll feel much better and you will be less stressed.

Sleep- I know very well how stress can affect your mind and a long list of things to do can make you want to stay up. But, we should remember a rested mind works better. 

Don't feel stuck- You always have an option to turn around or chose a different way. It is not a dead end. It is your life, and you can steer it in any direction you want. Remember that!

How do you handle stress?

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  1. great list. I have been super stressed lately but have found that appreciating what I have and not taking myself too seriously have helped. Getting my life organized will also help.

  2. Thank you Lila.. Yes, organization does help- be it your room or eventually life.
    And, I agree.. Appreciation does bring joy to heart

  3. Thanks Lindsay. I have recently started taking notes, and it's just so easy now. Taking off extra workload from my mind! I tend to not sleep enough, I am someone who gets active at night but with job I have to get up early every morning and sleep suffers. Trying to set a better routine.

  4. That's all you can do, right? Just try and improve it.. I'm sure in time it'll get better.

  5. making notes in order of priorities always help me to calm down a bit and feeling possible. and i love to drive around for hours to help me release some stress. great tips!

  6. Some great tips. I take notes on everything. I'd rather be safe than sorry and remember details then try and guess or hope that my memory doesn't fail me. Sleep and exercise are huge. I always work out when I'm stressed and always, ALWAYS feel better afterwards.
    Hope you have a great day hun.

  7. Oh I forgot about driving.. I love driving alone with music playing, I used to do that years ago to calm myself down. Thanks for reminding me :)

  8. These are really great tips! I try to do most of them, but the last one is sometimes an issue! Avoiding negative people definitely makes a difference though!

  9. Writing things down is seriously one of the main things that keeps me sane! I'm so forgetful, and things are bound to be left undone if I don't get it all down. Clearing clutter is a great tip! I feel like clutter definitely creates a stressful environment.

  10. Yeah.. I never remember stuff if I don't write. I used to overestimate my memory earlier, I have accepted the reality now. :D


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