March 23, 2015

5 reasons why we procrastinate


Procrastination is probably the biggest evil in my life at this point. I have SO MUCH to do and yet I just procrastinate. I always find something to procrastinate with. It just stresses me so much in the end, and still I don't learn. So, I thought I should just sit with myself and figure out why the heck do I do this to myself. Arghh..

Big projects: Whenever I have a big project coming up, I just keep looking at it like this big mountain that needs to be climbed. The more I think about it, more I don't want to do it. Eventually, I do climb it- but I just waste so much time thinking how can a tiny me climb this big mountain. To deal with this mountain- I have started to break into smaller doable chunks. I now set breakpoints over the journey and maybe small rewards or naps when I cross each of them. Rewards motivate me!

Worry: Sometimes I worry about the results. I have this fear of failure or not living up to the expectations. I feel like my family and friends believe in me and I don't wanna let them down. But, I need to stop worrying so much about this because I know the people who really love me just want the best for me and they won't judge me if I am not being perfect.

Laziness: Honest confession- I am very lazy. I lack discipline. I have tried everything I could to change this but I still feel like a sloth. I keep pushing myself so much, but I barely budge. To help myself with this, I try to schedule tasks and make lists so I have a timeline to follow but I still end up with a lot of pending tasks. (Really need to do something about this!)

Clutter: Be it my room, or my mind- clutter makes me really overwhelmed and I have seen I feel much better and productive when my room is clean and organized, and so are my thoughts which means my personal life needs to be in order because I sure can't prioritize when it comes to feelings. I am fully aware we cannot control a lot of things that happen in life, but I am trying to control my attitude towards them so I am more practical instead of overly emotional.

Mis-judgement: I also tend to overestimate myself or not take in account several things that can happen everyday. I pack my schedule with things that I need to do, and I forget to set aside time to rest or eat or time for random stuff that may come up. And, obviously this leads to pending to-do lists giving me stress. I am trying to be mindful of this habit of mine, and making some free time each day.

Do you procrastinate? How do you handle it?

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  1. I'm totally the same way re: clutter. It is a huge demotivator for me and I have to clean it up or I can't get anything done. Also, I love making little checklists and crossing things off as the day goes by. I get so easily overwhelmed by big projects, so I have to look at the little pieces, too.

  2. Is it bad that it makes me happy to know that I am not alone?
    Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. Oh god i'm an expert at it. The more time I have off work the worse I am too, like when I'm really busy at work with hardly any time at home I whizz around and get things done, but when I've got time off at home I just feel like yeah I can do it all tomorrow lol!

  4. Amen to laziness. I procrastinate on laundry and blogging. It's ridiculous. I know it has to be done. The piles of clothing get bigger by the day. Then it becomes an issue of clutter too. As for blogging, I have a "schedule" I want to keep but browsing everyone else's fantastic posts is too tempting. Such is life. The good thing though is I usually do my best work when I'm forced to focus because I've procrastinated. :)

  5. I do the same! Always thinking I'll get some superpower tomorrow..

  6. I'm so good at procrastination. Some say that procrastination means you shouldn't be working on what you're working on. Of course that only really works if you're working for yourself, so that's the downfall in that. I found a neat app called Swipes that's helping me with my priorities and lists. If you break down a project into a lot of little pieces that you prioritize it'll make it a whole lot easier to complete!

  7. Yeah I try to break it down and not see it as one big thing- still struggle a little with that!

    I need to check that app out.. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Some days the procrastination just takes over. I have worked at this by making manageable to do lists, and I give myself permission to push things off until the next day. I think about the mountain too, and it always makes me put off a project or chore, then I start and it is never as bad as I thought, so now I remind myself of that. Me and procrastination are best friends, ug!

  9. I think me and procrastination are best enemies :(

  10. Yeah, although I kinda like hanging out with him at times, just not all the time!

  11. I too think I work well end moment, but I wonder then is it worth all the stress? If I can only do it last minute, I want to somehow get rid of the worries till that point


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