March 25, 2015

5 excuses we should stop using


We all use excuses for several things everyday. Well, it is easier than coming up with a reasonable explanation which sometimes doesn't even exist. So, we lie! We all know it's not the best thing to do, but we still do it and here are some of the excuses we use way too often in our everyday lives:

Being busy: Let’s admit- we have all used this one so many times. Whether it be not returning a call, or forgetting something important, or not giving time to people in our life- we are just conveniently busy. But, are we really? We do manage to find time for Facebook, or Netflix, or other unimportant things. I know it is sometimes exhausting to do the things we are supposed to be doing, but always acting busy can upset the important people in our lives and we won’t want it to get to where it’s too late to go back. Know what deserves your attention, and make time for that!

Traffic: This one probably tops the list of most commonly used excuses. Was the traffic really so bad this morning? Or you just kept hitting the snooze button? We have all done this, but I think we should refrain from using this too much as everyone has used it and they probably don’t believe it anyway. In most situations, people will understand that you were running late, and it isn’t that big a deal.

Sleeping: You saw that phone ringing, you just weren’t in mood to talk. And hours later you send a text, “Sorry, was sleeping. What’s up?” Are those head nods I see? Honestly, I feel there’s nothing wrong with screening calls sometimes- we all need some me time. Just make sure to stay off other apps like Facebook, WhatsApp etc. too as they might land you in trouble with their last seen and online statuses. Also, keep in mind, if you are always sleeping when somebody calls you, it won't be long before the calls stop. 

Family issues: Yes, they can happen. But did they now? Or did you just waste time doing nothing, and now when the project isn't finished, family is there to take the blame for it. I think we have all met this person during our group projects or at work, and it isn't pleasant. Because you dropped the F-bomb, nobody will say anything but they won't also trust you. Don't be that guy!

Meetings: You forgot to show up or you didn't make it in time and what's the best you can come up with? "I was caught up in a meeting", "Previous meeting ran late". It could be acceptable a few times since it does happen, but if you are the only person whose meeting are running late, chances are people are going to see right through it. Try to manage your time better, and keep some room between two meetings.

What excuses do you use? Did you ever get caught?
Also, are there any excuses other people make that you just see through?

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  1. I read a long time ago that people don't want to hear your excuse. Just apologize and move on. Sometimes I do want to tell people why I was legitimately late, but then remember this and try to let it go.

  2. So true... most of the times people are making excuses and even when they are not they seem to be!

  3. I like to fake being sick. People must think I'm dying, oops.

  4. haha.. I used to be fake-sick a lot in my last job!

  5. Hi, I'm from the Happy Kids Inc linkup. I just wanted to stop by and say hi.

    Whenever I tell people I miss their call because I was sleeping, it's actually true. I love sleeping. But then again I'm the kind of person that will tell you "I know you called, I just didn't feel like picking up the phone." I'm just honest like that. :)

  6. Hi Kinya, thanks for stopping by!
    It is a great thing you are honest- people will know what you say is what you mean, and not take it as an excuse.

  7. Guilty. On all of these. Definitely need to work on my excuses.

  8. haha! Let me know if you come up with some new good ones ;)


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