February 8, 2015

Things I miss

As you all know, last week I moved to a new city- which means a new but empty apartment. And there's only so much you can stuff into two suitcases. So it is going to take some time to make this into a home. It is going to be gradual, depending on each paycheck. But, right now I really miss:
  1. My camera: Thanks to baggage restrictions on flights, I had to leave my camera behind with my friend for time being. And being in a new city and also buying new things and decorating my place, I want to take pictures of everything. I guess the phone will have to do for now.
  2. Half of my wardrobe: Like I said, thanks baggage restrictions.
  3. Dresser: I like organizing things in drawers, especially the tiny stuff. I can't figure out where to put all of it till the time I find a good dresser.
  4. Bed: Sleeping on layers of comforters until my bed gets delivered sometime next week.
  5. Desk: I like to work on a writing desk, for blogging or anything else I have to do on my laptop. Also, I like a place to put all my sharpies and post-its and journals. 
  6. Routine: I have a few days of wait before I will start working, and I just miss having some kind of schedule for my day. Everyone says I should enjoy this while it lasts, and I know so too. But, too much nothing is exhausting.
  7. My people: The hardest part about moving is leaving people behind. Yes, there are phones and Facebook and all that and we can stay in touch, but it just isn't the same. Sometimes, you just need a silent hug. Come on technology, work on it!
How about you, scribblers? Is there anything that you are missing?

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  1. I'm currently on vacation at my brother's house. There's definitely a lot of things I miss:

    1. My husband. He had to work and was unable to join me
    2. The gym. I hate paying daily fees for the gym here, so I usually just do workouts in the living room.
    3. Routine. Like you, I enjoy having a set schedule. It helps me feel organized.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

    1. I like to have some schedule, even of not a full busy day. Hope you get back to you routine soon.

  2. I'm house sitting/ dog sitting across town at my mother's and I just miss the comfort of my own space. This is my childhood home but it's just not the same when you've moved out years ago and you've moved on, grown up and have your own abode.

    Hopefully you can get a camera soon!

    1. Thanks Lindsay.. And I totally understand the space thing- I was there last month. You just need your own space sometime, to do things your way at your pace. Or just not do anything :p

  3. omg your camera. It would be like losing a limb...

    1. Yess.. that's why it tops the list :D I need to get it soon


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