February 16, 2015

Things I procrastinate with

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They say when you procrastinate you do the things you like the most. There's a quote by Jessica Hische that says,"the work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life". When I procrastinate, I do it with:
  1. Tumblr- it is my first go to app on phone, and probably the most visited website on my laptop.
  2. Friends- thanks Netflix! 
  3. Cleaning- normally, I wouldn't go for it, but when I am dreading some other task, suddenly cleaning my room becomes very important.
  4. Food. I'm always extra hungry when I'm bored. (I should do something about this.)
  5. Doodling and writing- I get a creativity boost when I'm shooing away responsibilities. 
  6. Phone calls- usually I'm not a phone person but I start missing everyone when there are other things to be done
  7. Plan- I try to fit things in future days to make myself not feel guilty for wasting time now. 
I think I can be a greatly distracted phone operator by that definition, or a TV obsessed cleaning lady.  *sad* I am working on minimizing my distractions and bringing more discipline in my life. 

Scribblers, what do you procrastinate with? And why? Do you think there's something that could be your dream job? Also, how do you get things done?

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  1. 1. Twitter
    2. Blogging
    3. TV

    Then I guess that in a perfect world I would get paid to blog, do social media for companies and watch tv haha

    1. haha.. it would be so great to get paid for all those things

  2. Friends and Tumblr of course ahah :D


  3. Blogging, Netflix, Knitting.
    I would also love to make a career out of all of them! haha

    1. haha yeah it would be great if we were paid for watching netflix


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