February 3, 2015

My big move

This last weekend was my big move across country. I am starting a new job soon, so new city new place. It is pretty exciting; I am thinking about home decor ALL THE TIME! I know it is going to take time set up the place and it will be one thing at a time, but I can't stop. I even made a Pinterest board for decor ideas- Check it out! But along with all the excitement, it is also scary and overwhelming. There is SO MUCH to do. And having to do it alone, makes it even scarier. For every little thing you have to make a decision yourself, and some of those have to be quick. On top of that, unpacking is so damn hard. I am just procrastinating most of the time because I dread it. Plus I have no furniture to put my stuff in. But, slowly doing what I can.

And, like every big thing, this big move also comes with some realizations:
  1. You need food and sleep. In a long list of things to do, these two tend to take a back seat. But our body has a way of reminding us their importance and they are ugly. I woke up before 4 am and then traveled for like 10 hours before I got home, and I was so tired lugging around my stuff at the airport (alone) that I had no energy left in the end to go get anything to eat. I ended up falling sick because of no rest and no food. I should remember this the next time I travel.
  2. There's always some new surprise about moving to new city. The stores in this city don't give you bags to carry your groceries etc. You have to buy a bag every time you purchase. I will need to buy reusable bags now, and more importantly remember to carry them each trip.
  3. It is expensive. You have to get every thing - every little thing- to set your place for a normal living. In last 4 days I have made trips to different stores every day and there is still so much on my list.
  4. Shopping is overwhelming. No matter how clear the picture is in my mind for what I need, once I get into the store with countless options and combinations, I turn into a helpless child.
  5. Things don't go as planned. There are miscommunications and different expectations but that's just a part of everything I guess.
  6. Having nothing to do is overrated. It feels good only when you're having a busy life with some schedule and purpose. Life seems meaningless with too much nothing to do.
  7. Stability is so needed. For past few years, I have been moving around every few months- changing cities, changing apartments, so much that I started to feel like a nomad- no place to call home. Finally it is sinking now that I will be here for a while and I can make this my own space.
I think we all know this or some of this already, but keep forgetting. Here's hoping that writing this will make me remember them better.

P.S. Let's get social!


  1. Ah, the no bag thing was so weird when we were vacationing in California. Congratulations on the move, you'll get there in no time! I remember when we moved into our house I just about had a break down because we grabbed fast food and they forgot to give me sauce and our refrigerator was empty, I guess it's fair to say I was a freaking basketcase at that point haha.

  2. haha! I know.. It's so tough when the apartment is basically empty and in you are constantly making shopping lists in your head. I am still not over the bag thing though- always keep forgetting to carry the reusable ones!


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