January 26, 2015

Finding some gratitude in me

Sometimes, life beats you down repeatedly and it is very hard to find something to feel good about. No matter how hard you look, your vision is just clouded with the struggle and its effects. Such has been the past few weeks for me.

We plan. We hope. But life isn't a promise. I hoped to make this year about me, to be a little selfish, to do things for myself. Turns out, life had other plans.  January is almost over and nothing so far has been about me. So, what can you do. Cry. Pick a fight. Distract with TV. Drink. Turn into a super sloth and a ball of gloom. I am sick of myself. So, this morning, I decided to force myself into finding some good. It has been hard. I am coming up blank. Still, giving a shot at finding gratitude! 

I am thankful for:
  1. The anticipation: Next week I'm moving to a new city. New apartment, my own space. *excited*
  2. No cooking: I hate cooking, and I love the takeouts over past weeks. Might have loved eating out more, but eh!
  3. Friends: They literally pick you up! Really love my bunch.
  4. Movies: I really would have gone crazy if it weren't for these distractions.
  5. Sun: Waking up to sun shining in my room has to be one of the best feelings
  6. Music: Really need some quiet alone time with music to recharge my batteries.
  7. Love: No matter how hard life is, love makes it bearable. Often goes unappreciated but it's the strongest support in life.
What are you thankful for?

P.S. Let's get social!

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