July 8, 2013

Things I learned this week..

  1. People always act at their own convenience. When they need, they'll reach you to get what they want and after they are done they might not even bother to keep basic decency to let you know how it worked out. Even the people you hold closest can do that to you, so just try not getting attached to it. If you want to, give out your experiences as free advice but remember to not expect back.
  2. Thinking too much leads to nothing. There are so many everyday things you will have to do no matter what, so instead of feeling bad about all the time that they take up, just accept them as a part of your day and move on to savor the little time you have for yourself.
  3. Always get refundable tickets and bookings, even if they cost a little more.
  4. Expecting from others affects only you. Try to remember that.
  5. A little self-push is good sometimes. Socializing can be awkward for some, but it’s not bad once you give yourself that little push. Just try to get rid of your inhibitions, because you are the only one who is caring.
  6. Get insurance. No matter how slim the chances are, you never know when a bad day will hit you.
  7. Love makes it all worth it. No amount of money or success can bring you happiness if there isn’t love to back it up.


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