July 24, 2013

Soul mates

People meet. 
Fall in love. 
Sometimes it works out; 
sometimes it doesn't. 
But in the end we do meet someone we think we can spend the rest of life with. 
Is that person your soul mate?

I often feel that this term 'soul mate' is used very loosely. People fall in love or marry someone, and that person is automatically designated as their soul mate. Maybe, for some, that person is their soul mate but I find it really hard to believe that everyone ends up with their soul mates. This thought has been pondering my mind for quite some time now, and I have even had a few conversations with friends. All of them seemed to have the same general definition- someone who shares your likes, someone who loves you despite all, someone you can spend life with, etc. and hence their partners are their soul mates. I can’t say if they are not; it’s not my place to be doing that. But, to me soul mate is something much greater than this. We find a lot of people in life we love- family, friends, special someone, many people share likes with us and many are livable with. So, does that make them our soul mates? I don’t think so. We are talking about souls here, so can a few common interests or attraction etc. decide if that other soul is meant to be with yours? I feel there has to be some sort of mystic connection, which is ineffable. Something greater than anything else we feel in our life. Someone who stirs you to the core; doesn't even have to be a physical relationship. We love; that’s what we do. We love our family, our friends, and a few more people we feel drawn that. But there’s only one soul mate. Not all who love and get married are soul mates. That doesn't make your love any less; it’s just that both these things are so unrelated and yet so confused with each other. Soul mates might just come in your life, change you forever, and leave for good. Some might just stay as just a friend to you. I wonder how lucky would be the people who find their soul mate in the person they love.

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