July 25, 2013

My encounter with God

Yesterday, after a long boring day at work, I was walking towards the bus stop when a man on sidewalk was kind of calling out me, “Ma’am! Excuse me ma’am.” Usually I do not answer to people like that because most of them are just homeless people around asking for money. I feel bad saying no to them, but at the same time I know my money won’t help them in any way- they are not going to buy food, they’ll just spend it on drugging themselves. So, I choose to walk by ignoring them. But, yesterday the man didn’t stop calling out, he had actually gone to yelling at me. So I turned back, and he said, “God bless you. That’s all I want to say, God bless you.” He walked away, and I stood there in shock. I could barely bring myself to say a thank you. It’s been a day, and I am still wondering about the most oddly unsettling incident. I don’t understand why I still can’t take it in. Is it because the world has made me so harsh, that any nice gesture comes with a baggage of suspicion? Nobody ever blesses anyone just like that, strangers walking on road. You don’t stop someone just to say that. It is so mysterious to me.

Maybe it is the fictitious side of me, but I can’t help but imagine it to be a Godsend blessing. I think I like to believe that it was a blessing send to me to tell me that I am not alone and good things will happen. (This makes me happy at heart, so I will continue believing this.)

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