July 17, 2013

My angel and devil

Whenever I think of going to the gym, these two voices appear in my head. Since we have grown up watching TV and movies, in my mind they both have a face- angel and devil

One of them tells me all the right things like why I need to do this, why I started, that I’ll regret if I won’t go, it’ll feel good in the end etc. 

The other one, who never lets the right one finish, shows me my bed, cup of tea at home, me sitting and relaxing at home and all kinds of tempting food. 

I am sure almost everyone has a fight with themselves at times like these (for me, it is every time.) But, the biggest problem with me I think is the face of the voices. The right one looks like a devil to me, and makes me repel everything he says. I really need to work on switching these faces to be able to move ahead, any tips for me?

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