July 21, 2013

Most important things..

  1. Sleep: Over the last months of hectic schedules I realized the value of sleep in my life. I just can’t function if I don’t get a good sleep.
  2. Food: Like everyone else, being hungry makes me cranky. So, to be a normal person I need to be regularly fed. (Even better if someone else does that for me.)
  3. Love: If there’s no one to share it with, all happiness seems worthless. It’s a blessing to have someone who loves you with your flaws.
  4. Freedom: I just cannot take orders. I have to make my own mistakes, go with my gut, in anything that I do. Decisions are hard for me, I might ask for help, but in the end I have to be the one making them to be at peace.
  5. Friends: They are the backbone of life, supporting you constantly even when you don’t realize their presence.
  6. Writing: A few days go without writing anything, and I start feeling restless. That’s how important it is for me to write something, anything. I might not even publish it, but I do need some time with my pen and paper.
  7. Money: Like every person on this earth, I too need money. For the necessities- the rent, the bills, and for my shopping too (which is long due). Money is one important thing which we might not chose ourselves but it is still there on the list always.

            What’s on your list?

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