December 24, 2012

Christmas is here!

Christmas is here. But doesn't feel like it yet. 

Christmas is the time for celebration.
The time to be with the people you love, your family and friends. 
But, it's break week at school.
So, everyone has either gone back home, or to travel new places. 
And I am home alone. 
(couldn't afford any of those trips.) 
I thought it would be okay, but just two days into the break and it sucks already! 
I really need to find something to do. Any suggestions?

All of you, who have your family or friends with you today,
or anyone who appreciates you in their life with you, you are really lucky. 
And I am happy for you and not at all jealous. :o) 
Maybe like 90% happy and 10% jealous. 

Have a merry time! 
Happy Christmas.

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