November 5, 2012

Expectations vs. Reality

I can't believe snow is here already. And I had to go attend morning class in this weather. I want to say lovely weather, but I think that would have been more apt if I didn't have to go out. 

All I wanna do today is just grab my laptop and sit in a coffee shop all day long, and not worry about a single thing. I wanna drive down to the Starbucks on East H. and sit by a window there, connect my laptop and just relax. Write, read, tweet, read, listen to some music, watch some Friends with a hot Latte and the aroma of fresh brewing coffee. 

But, all I am gonna do is attend classes and go gym, and worry about finals next week and the hell lot of assignments this week, while fitting in the lunch and cooking and dinner somewhere between this chaos. Sometimes I wonder if I even made the right choice. There's no peace in life!


  1. snow <<<<
    but I think you should find some time to sit with your coffee and laptop and relax. It's those little things in life that help us get through all the chaos! :)

  2. I know.. That's exactly what I did.. And I feel so happy and at peace now :)


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