October 7, 2012

Things I learned in last one year!

A lot changed for me in last one year. I moved to a new place and met new people, and I had all good-bad experiences.. But, I am happy for this change, 'coz it taught me a lot.. And here are a few things, that I think are lifetime lessons for me.. Some of them I still am working on, and I hope to grow better and learn more.

1. Be extrovert and outgoing. If you aren't those, you are kinda screwed. Yes you'll still survive but isn't it good to have friends, and have fun.

2. Keep in touch with the loved ones. Life changes, and all of us go in different directions, but those random phone calls and Facebook messages revive the old memories, and make you feel special and wanted. Never lose the ones who matter to you, and more importantly the ones to whom you matter. Life is easy when you have someone to count on.

3. Learn to be on your own. Life's unexpected. It disappoints sometimes. And you should be able to gather yourself on your own, and just move on.

4. Give your 100%. Nobody likes regrets, so just give your best shot at whatever you do so you don't look back and say, "I wish..".

5. Time flies. Whether you just sit back and do nothing, or you rush doing things, life's gonna pass by one day at a time. Make sure you make the most of it. Prioritize and organize your time so you won't feel like you have just been stuck with work.

6. Its okay to cut loose. What you do, how you look like, nobody really cares. So cut yourself some slack, stop worrying, and have a good time.

7. Love yourself. You are the only one who will be with you, always.


  1. Awesome post!!
    I've just done a big move and these suggests are a big help! Thank you!!

  2. Replies
    1. Time flies; so true. I needed that reminder. Thank you <><

    2. Yeah, it so does.. I try to remember that.


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