October 9, 2012

Questioning everything around me!

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just don't get the results. And, you just start to question everything- question your goals, question your abilities, question life! 
That's how this week has been for me.. I know, in just two days into the week, I feel like shit already! I really can't have any more bad news now. I try so hard, putting efforts into my work, and then I just do something dumb that just blows off the whole thing. And I hate that I am so lazy! I wanna-be one of those workaholic people, who don't need to eat or sleep or take breaks. Just do what they have to do!!

Anybody got any advice? I'm getting tired of failing now. 


  1. Hard work and effort never go waste..
    All what matters is the seriousness with which you pursue your goal. And from whatever little I've known about you from ur blog and tweets..convinces me to Judge that you are absolutely on trek.. And Chill maar yaar !!

  2. I have the exact same problem--incurable laziness combined with long to-do lists. I am so jealous of people who just wake up at 6 AM and start getting things done! What has somewhat helping is setting three simple goals each day when you wake up: I want to write ten pages on my dissertation, restock the fridge and answer all piled up emails. Period, nothing else. That way, I get less frustrated when its the end of the day and there are still a bazillion things I haven't gotten to because I got distracted and read a book for two and a half hours in the middle of the day. :) Good luck!

    1. Thanks Zanna. I tend to put too much on my plate I think, hence causing stress. I will try following your advice, and hope it helps!


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