January 22, 2012

Me, in the States!

It's almost 5 months since I moved to States.
And just today I realized how I am still settling here!

In the beginning I thought it's not that different,
I still don't think there's any drastic change but there are little things.
Little things in everyday life that are so different.
The lifestyle, priorities, everything is different.

I do like it here, I feel free somehow. 
Being on my own is one thing I always liked.
Plus I have also got good company here
(something I don't think I can live without.)
I feel lucky for that, 'coz it really made my life easy here.
Sometimes I wonder how would it be if I was all alone here, not knowing anyone at all.
Bit scary.

I am liking it here, loving it. 
It's just a little hard adjusting to the study patterns and workloads,
and the always running, fast paced life.

I just wanna get used to it really soon, and do good in my study.
And make a good life for myself.!

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