April 16, 2011

Love: Friend or FOE?

We all long to be loved, and to reciprocate that love in return. 
We wish, we hope, we daydream, 
and make an imaginary world in our heads. 
And, someday when we find that one person, 
it's like all dreams have come true. 
But, we tend to forget one thing. 
All of our wishes or hopes were in our head, 
our imaginary beautiful world. 
Reality differs. 
No matter how hard you try, 
how badly you wish, 
it never seems to be enough. 
I know I know, life's not all bad. 
In fact, life is good. 
Even wonderful when that special one comes along. 
But, is it fair to put all your dreams and wishes on that person. 
Everyone's different; 
so is their sensibility and thinking. 
Then why do we forget this, and go on expecting. 
Even when we know expectation is the root of all heartache, why do we still hope? 
Why do we keep building on them, to the point of becoming needy? 
Why does everything else become so irrelevant in life, and only that love makes sense? 
Why we let it grow so much that it begins to hurt? 
And why do we let LOVE stand between us?

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