February 10, 2011

If you wanna marry me..

The other day I was thinking about getting married. Well, not actually getting married now. But, someday I will marry a special someone. How should he be? Knowing me, I am super complicated. So, to make easy for him, I thought upon a few things that he 'should' know. If he doesn't, he should learn. Because, these are the minimum requirements. ;)

Here's the list of requirements:
1. He should have patience to bear with my silence. Tough, I know.
2. He should be ready to fight with me to be with me. Till the end.
3. He should know how to give a good massage. Learn if you don't know.
4. He should get me a ring, (from Tiffany's). Diamonds are forever.
5. He should never wake me up early in the morning. Rather, sleep in with me.
6. He should be ready with bags packed. I would want to travel the world with you.
7. He should love me for who I am. No conditions.

I think this is a lot of help, giving pointers to be a good husband. :)

Any other thing you think I should have added girls?


  1. Ooh, I love this post. I've got a list too ;) One of my biggest points on it as that he have some sense of humor, and isn't too crazy serious!
    I really like your #5 though...I'm pretty sure it's my favorite ;D

    ~Lauren :)

  2. These will definitely be helpful for him to know ahead of time!

  3. I hope these are easy to handle, 'coz I want it all!

  4. i like your proposal very much and i hope you will find someone who increase your happiness so next your luck
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