February 1, 2011

Goals for me!!

I found this post about goals on Oh Mishka, and it inspired me to make a few for me as well.
And I think I should have a few goals and try to stick to them.

So, my set of goals is here:
Deadline: 1 month for now.
1. Quit wasting time on Facebook Games
2. No fast food. Strictly!
3. Be regular in exercising.
4. Start wearing heels.
5. Smile
6. Learn to cook something new.
7. Join a class (not decided what to join) and follow it sincerely.

I also want to add one more: Waking up early. But I really doubt myself on that! So....

I hope I stick to these till the end of Feb (minimum). Some goals will require a longer deadline though.


  1. Haha, I'm so bad at waking up early too. Great goals!

  2. These are such great goals! I reallyyyy need to embrace the "no fast food" one myself (ugh). But you can do it! :)

    PS: LOVE that picture.


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