December 12, 2010

My eternal struggle

This picture is so appropriate for my state of mind right now.
I haven't been able to write.
I might have published few posts here, but I am not happy with that, because I know I write more, I write better. 
It's like I am not able to put my thoughts into words. 
I have so many thoughts banging the walls of my brain, but refuse to come down to paper.

What to do?


  1. I feel the same way. I need to edit and write outlines but every time I get in front of the computer it seems my brain dehydrates

  2. Aw, I feel your pain. Taking breaks helps!! I'm sure that you'll love the results once they're finally on paper :)

  3. I definitely have felt like that before.... <3 Your not alone.


  4. Nothing to worry... things will be the same again... just enjoy the changed dammu!

  5. I hate that feeling! Sometimes it seems like I have these great thoughts composed in my head, but when I put them on paper they are terrible! I can't understand it!

  6. That's how I feel sometimes when I'm trying to design something. I can see it in my head but I can't get it to come out. So frustrating!


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