November 3, 2010

Reading suggestions, please?

After much wait and hopes, I finally went to see the movie - Eat Pray Love. But, I hate to say that I was disappointed. I expected a lot more from the movie. Even if I hadn't read the book, I think in that case also the movie fails to qualify as up to expectations. *sigh* Now I think I should have settled with books only.

Talking of books, I have none. I have read the whole stock I had bought. 
Please give me some suggestions. Pleeease...


  1. People have said that the Eay Pray Love book was a 100% better because you know more of her thoughts throughout her journey. I just finished "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" & it was awesome!!

  2. My favorite book of all time would be Miss Match by Erynn Mangum. It's a series of three books if that makes any difference. Look it up :)

  3. I am planning to go catch this movie.. :) havent read the book though..


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