November 23, 2010

Dusting the brain!

Hello readers,

How's life treating you all?
Me? I have gone to studying now, for I have exams lining up ahead of me.
Today was my second day at class. First class for Maths. And I was surprised how piles of dust have settled on my brain in just one year. I had almost forgotten how I loved doing Maths, and as I went through the class, I was like, 'Oh yea, I knew this, I know this!' It might sound funny, but I felt kind of disappointed with myself, for letting my brain go, sort of, dumb. Well, I am gonna study now, and free myself of all the dust of time. Right now, I am loving it. I hope it continues...

Read an amazing quote today:
"PROBLEMS will make you realize how many TRUE FRIENDS you've got out of your hundred SO-CALLED FRIENDS."

Sorry for the lack of blogging. Going under pile of books for a while. But, that doesn't mean total absence and I will be back to normal pace very soon.

I really wonder how people sit for long hours continuously to study. Are you one of those? Can I please borrow your strength and dedication for a while? 


  1. Love that quote! so very true! Happy Studying!

  2. Good luck with your studies!

    When I was in school I could do homework for six hours in a row but studding for a test was impossible for more than an hour at a time - weird huh?!


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